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 Residence Il Limoneto Di Antonio Migliaccio Via 2° Mura, n.3  80075 Forio d'Ischia (Na)
Tel e Fax  081 998057  cell. 380-522-4256 
My Italian cell phone number:  [011+ 39]  340-666-6308
You need to have a valid US passport for travel to Italy.  APPLY NOW if yours isn't up-to-date!

If flying from the USA the nearest airport in italy is Naples.  Taking the train from other arrival points in Italy or elsewhere in Europe is an option too.


MONEY  Euro.   BRING  an ATM card that will work in Europe. Contact your bank for more information.  For exchange rates please see website

TRAVEL INSURANCE  I would like to strongly suggest that every participant buy  a policy that covers them while in Europe for health and/or travel issues. Festa Lirica Italiana cannot be responsible for  illness, accident, failure to start or complete the course or missed transport of any kind.  One place to look for insurance is:   and there are other sites as well. It is important, and only makes sense given the financial investment involved.



FROM NAPLES AIRPORT TAKE THE ALIBUS. It leaves from directly outside the Air Terminal. (NOT a city bus) This bus leaves from the airport every 30 minutes to the port (6.30 AM to 11.30 PM )  and it stops at the main train station too. It costs 3 € (Euros) one way, and you must give the 3 euros directly to the bus driver.

 FERRY to Ischia  from Molo Beverello, Naples                                        
Once you have gotten off at the last stop of the ALIBUS,  the ferries are all at the port across the boulevard at the Molo Beverello, also called the Stazione Marittima. There are several ferry companies that travel between Naples and the towns on the island of Ischia. There is one long building where they each have a ticket window or two; their schedules are posted. The faster ferries, called hydrofoils in English (aliscafo in Italian) take about 35-40 minutes and cost about 18 € each way (+ bag fee @ 2 €).  No matter what your arrival time at the port of Naples (Molo Beverello) you MUST SEEK departures to Forio, our destination.  You cannot get there non-stop with the ferry.  But many ferries that go to the Island will make another stop first before reaching FORIO.  Check schedules carefully for their final arrival destination or you may have to take a bus or taxi to FORIO!!!   Those are the ones you want, even if it means waiting. Other ferries will go only to Ischia Porto which I discourage because it's a long ride by bus or by taxi. Linee Lauro is the main company on this route. (tel. 081-5513352) 
BUS SERVICE on Ischia:

BUS PASSES €15 for 1 week/€ 22 for 2 weeks on EAVBUS, Ischia's bus system. Or you can buy individual tickets at 1.50 € until you see whether a longer-term pass will be to your advantage. (Multi-day pass  prices are approximate). Taxi service is available from every harbor.
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