Italian Language Seminar
Daily work (except Sundays) in group, based on level. Whoever really wants to learn to speak Italian  will agree that any method will  be driven by great self-motivation. A bootstraps method, if you will, which is essentially driven by the student’s own goals. Drill, repetition, flashcards, and intensive memorization is really all there is to it. And taking any and every chance to practice the language on-site! Three weeks of daily exposure to spoken Italian will offer many opportunities to use and hone skills, but all-important will be the inner retrieval of relevant vocabulary and the recognition of patterns of Italian spoken TO and BY each student.
In three weeks a lot can be accomplished, but you must come ready with great zeal and real willingness to participate, to work outside class hours and to rise to the challenge! After all outside your door lies the italian-speaking world, ready to help you speak and hear and be fully immersed in this beautiful language and culture!
Our Italian class meets 6 days a week, and we use a grammar book, a verb drill book, a reader and flashcards, directed dialogues, assignments to cultivate and use the language locally as well as images, and local publications to help us on our way.
Role Study and Coaching
After acceptance in the program each singer will select a role study or project (Neapolitan songs or audition repertoire, for instance, can also be chosen as a project to complete during our 3-week session.) This choice can be made in conjunction with one’s voice teacher and the FLI Program Director.  Prior to coming to Ischia, the role should be learned in its entirety, that is, the nuts and bolts of it. The purpose of the coachings and other work done while attending the session will be to refine, polish and investigate in depth both the role and the character.  Discussion prior to coming will clarify the aims of each student’s course of study.